For punks in or beyond grad school

...or contemplating it...

Punks busting into the ivory tower? Well fuck, maybe there is a space for us in academia after all. That doesn't mean it is an easy fit. The people we see around us come from a very different world. They followed a path we found (and continue to find) foreign -- they fit in, they followed the rules, they live in a space of cultural acceptance we have no time for.

This is a place for punks in the academic world to talk, to meet, and to share their experiences. It can be confusing to reconcile our real life experiences with our academic lives. We actually HAVE real life experiences, and this sets us apart from many of the people we meet every day. It may also be a reason punks choose to avoid academia. No one wants to be the last Mohican, for fuck's sake.

We started this website because we have experienced a disconnect between our punk identities and our academic lives. We grew up and formed our identities with punk ideals -- where we have been informs how we approach where are now, in a way that most people we run across don't understand.

But we also started this website because we have found in academia the personal and intellectual freedom that we believe is central to punk rock.

So yeah. That's why we're here. To share our experiences and to ask you to share yours.

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